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Dahiana is the best fitness trainer I have ever had! Every workout was always a great workout. Each time was always something different so your not stuck in the same routine. She is very knowledgeable with weight lifting and proper forms so you don’t get hurt. I was never bored between her great personality and her awesome workouts!

-Crystal Balderas

"Dahiana is an excellent trainer, she is very dedicated to each and every one of her clients. She changes up the workouts constantly making is much and challenging. She loves what she does and it is very clear with the quality of her work. Be prepared to be sore in places you never knew you could be sore! Thank you for helping me gain confidence and work on correcting my form and strength."
Ileana Pellerin
"Dahiana es una excelente entrenadora, muy profesional, ella ha excedido totalmente mis expectativas. Mi recomendación es total y absoluta."
Patricia N.
"Dahiana me entrenó por aproximadamente 6 meses y los cambios fueron muy gratificantes. Dahiana tiene mucho conocimiento, ama lo que hace y le encanta ayudar a los demás. Nunca sientes que te juzga porque siempre tiene una buena disposición para ponerse en tus zapatos... Es toda una experta en transformación. Responsabilidad, Sinceridad y profesionalismo es todo lo que Dahiana es."
Marcel S.
"Dahiana was a pleasure to work with as a personal trainer and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer to improve their physical abilities and/or strength training. She encourages you with her words and helps you to accomplish your exercise goals. She changes up the routines to keep it interesting and also motivating. She’s easy to talk with and is very receptive to modifying exercises to improve your wellbeing."
David St Germain

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